Time for a New Year Resolution?

Another January has rolled around and it’s time to make those New Year resolutions. Or is it? If you’re like many people you may have given up this January tradition altogether. The truth is most of us are not very good at sticking with resolutions. We can say what we want to achieve but making […]


Is your mindset holding you back?

Even small changes require us to see ourselves differently. For example if you want to give up smoking it’s helpful to build an image of yourself as a non-smoker. To do this, you might imagine the things you will do once you have quit. For instance, being a non-smoker could make evenings out more sociable […]


Evolutionary Meetup : Change – how is it done?

This months meeting topic turned out to be very ambitious. After over two hours of discussion we covered a wide variety of change, from relatively simple changes all the way to change that might include bending the limits of our beliefs. Thanks to Yvonne and Rob for a really interesting discussion. For those who could […]

3 Steps to Successful Change

In many ways it’s a wonder anyone manages to change at all. First of all we need to understand: what we should change, what we can change, and how to workout the difference. After that the process itself is far from easy. Even when the change we are looking for might appear straight forward, like […]


Day 19 : Sainsburys Asks Me to Go Away

Don’t get me wrong they were very polite about it, but nevertheless they made it clear they don’t want to discuss my 6 point action plan for packaging reduction in fresh produce. They sent me off to their website to look at their 20×20 sustainability plan. I must say I am quite impressed, except for […]

The Thriving team - team building, change co-workers into collaborators

Day 2 : Tesco Is the First To Respond

24 hours after my email to all 5 Supermarkets a charming customer service agent, Lewis Black, called me up to chat about the packaging suggestions. He is going to pass on the suggestions to the appropriate department. So I am sure I will have to follow up later. But still 10/10 for customer service for […]


Day 1 : 5 Supermarkets & One Person

Day one of the the collaboration experiment, “How many people does it take to make change?” Emails went out to the top 5 UK supermarkets; Morrisons, Waitrose, Sainsburys, Tesco and Asda today asking them to make a few inexpensive changes to their fresh product sections to reduce packaging. Of course, they may not agree that […]


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Newspapers, television and the Internet news channels for the most part (with some notable exceptions) focus on disaster, terrorism, and corruption etc. Often it seems the positive section of the daily news is confined to animals, particularly cute ones, being saved, born or at least not being wiped off the face of the planet. The […]