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Creating success powered by joy at work and in life.

Our Mission is to support people and companies to thrive in a complex uncertain world powered by joy.

Why powered by joy? Because fixing problems can only take us so far to really excel takes joy.

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Leadership Development

Whether you are a new manager or a leader looking to leverage your strengths we have a module or programme to help you. The thriving leader is a personalised programme designed to support you build the skills and knowledge you need. Discover more.


High Performance Teams

The pitfalls to creating a high performance team are many and varied. To navigate through the pitfalls it is essential to understand how people in teams work together effectively. The Thriving Team is intereactive, practical programme designed to build understanding, trust and processes that support and sustain top teams. Discover more.

Thriving People

When you were a young did you dream of a life that was just ok? Was your big ambition to survive or did you believe there could be more to life? Got a goal? Want to change career, get that promotion, climb a mountain, get fit? Find out how thriving coaching can help. Discover more

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Thriving – Finding your “Way” in a Complex World

There are many books that explain how someone else has solved the “problem” of their life. Often, these books provide techniques to follow so that you can follow in their footsteps. This undoubtedly will work for some people, after all if you are looking for change the first and most important step is to do new things. However, when you follow someone else’s “way” it is possible to miss the most vital ingredient of any change or personal development plan, the bit that is personal to you! Sign-up for a pre-launch copy to find out more.

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What our clients say

If you want it to this course will change your life and the way you live your life in the most positive manner you could imagine. If only I knew this 20 years ago.

Graham Carter Manager, Royal Mail

This has been an excellent journey of understanding self and I’ve now been able to focus on what I need to do on a daily and weekly basis. The daily diary writing has been of immense value and really does allow you to reflect whilst in a total state of relaxation.

Rob Hoblin Director, Carmdale Ltd.

Morya is friendly and knowledgeable and gets everyone involved

Laura V, Minoz Project Coordinator, Novus


for the magnificent Thriving programme you ran for our management team. It was a real eye-opener and an immensely valuable use of our time. We all learned a lot and gained many new ideas for improving an already good team. You got the pitch just right and obviously picked up quickly on the needs and learning styles of team members. Truly remarkable talent.

Mike Coker CEO Harrow Carers

I would highly recommend the Thriving Leader Programme, it has helped me gain a sense of calm when dealing with demanding and sensitive areas of management. This has added confidence to the way a carry my work out and the decisions I make. Morya is an excellent coach and naturally brings out the best in the people she works with. A surprise to me was how the programme has supported my time management by changing my mind set to focus on what I have achieved within a day rather than what I have not. I have really enjoyed the program and working with Morya has been an absolute pleasure.

Sharon Pienarosa Manager, Harrow Carers

I have really enjoyed the program and it was great working with Morya.I have definitely noticed improvements in the way  I interact with my team.  I am more flexible in letting them find their own solutions to problems and accepting that good enough is sometimes enough.  One of the other benefits improvements I have noticed is that I now really take the time to talk to other people in the kitchen and find out about them.  This has made me feel part of a bigger team and has made a difference to the way I feel on a daily basis.

Noelia Fernadez HR Professional

The materials, which set out interesting research materials and theories in an easily accessible format flowed smoothly into the sessions, during which we’d discuss translating theory into practice. The experience has been very positive and I am grateful for the opportunity to have participated in the program.

Ruth Barnes Research and Projects Manager Coram Children’s Legal Centre

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Starting April 7th a new series of Webinars will cover some of the core management and workplace skills. Places are limited so sign-up soon! Strategic Planning – Steps to Success Friday Apr 7th 2017 13:00 – 14:00 Finding time for long term planning is essential to the role of a business owner or senior manager. […]

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